Welcome. Benvenuti. Bienvenue. Bienvenidos. Willkommen.


The year is racing through its final months, bringing us our last-minute surprises before it retires forever.  The sun is slowly losing its intensity as it gradually relinquishes its reigns to longer nights. Feeling the cool breeze, jetsetters are preparing for their warmer winter retreats to Turks & Caicos, Sharm el-Sheikh, and Phuket. All signs that a brand new beginning is upon us. A beginning, you say? Yes, that’s right. Fall, just merely a baby, will soon dress itself in orange, red, and romanticism. The final Fashion Week for the season is on the runway in Paris showing our wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2011, the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City has started its brand new season, and airlines are beginning to entice us with faraway, exotic voyages. October has arrived. Ah, Fall, the things you do to us. And as my blog is born and takes shape, I hope it will add a little something to your day; whether it be in fashion, culture or travel. Above all, I want it to be entertaining. So here I go and lay out the black carpet for you, and I wish you all happy reading and a little fashion, class & jet lag.