For the Love of October

As the days become brisk, clouds of crimson erupt into the air. Inspirational, warm + possibly invisible. True love. It’s evident that the color red has never belonged to the month of February. Commercialism tries desperately to imprison it, but red is October. Even the leaves naturally exchange their monotonous green for the vivacious, passionate hue of life.

Attractive to the eyes, red is also the symbol of courage. This is the beginning of new thoughts, projects that will fruit in the coming year. October leads us into the period of soul-searching and thought-provocation for a new phase that is to come. Dreams coming true? Possibly. Questions being answered? Hopefully. Thinking, applying passion, and executing? Life.



Left: Typhoon Metro Espresso // Lareco Finland Oy (Helsinki)

Above: Le Creuset Whisk // Sur La Table SoHo (NYC)




SoHo Rossler Organizing Boxes // Kate’s Paperie (NYC)


Alessi Bowl // Alessi Boutique (Palermo)



Montblanc Pen // Montblanc Boutique (Hamburg)

Unfinished Clock by Thelermont Hupton // MoMA Boutique (NYC)



Alessi Wristwatch // Alessi Boutique (Milan)


Frédéric Malle Fragrances // Editions Parfums Frédéric Malle (Paris)


H Helvetica Book // MoMA Boutique (NYC)



Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses // Sunglass Hut Australia (Sydney)



Valentino: The Last Emperor Movie // Amoeba Music (Los Angeles)




Vespa // Romana Scooter SRL (Rome)


Red Carnation Hotel Collection // luxury, boutique hotels (13 chic locations)



Red Nest by Paul Coudamy // Paul Coudamy Studio (Paris)



(Red Nest pictures by B. Boccas / Leaves picture by Harris Images / H Helvetica picture by A. Crucifix)