Dark. Enigmatic. Elegant. Paralleling her designs of mystery + intrigue, Mademoiselle Borcher flows somewhere in the streets of Denmark. Like buried fashion treasure, her clothes are rich in minimal beauty somewhat waiting to be fully discovered. Collections ala Rick Owens meets Jil Sander. Luxe.

Established in 2008, BORCHER was created as a fairytale. A fashion story where every detail is sensually done, using the finest fabrics & sewn with talented precision. Where a woman can feel sophisticated, captivate attention + still remain a lady. Mademoiselle Christina Borcher draws inspirations from fairytales & the universe surrounding them. Very dark, dramatic + passionate, visions of old cobblestone streets dance in her mind. Ravens, black pearls & the dark subconscious world all feed her creativity. Her fashion label is not just about wearing fabrics, it’s an experience. An experience of the senses for not only those who wear her clothes, but the people around them.

When asked about what she had planned next for her brand, she said that she’s busy working on her next collection + that it was all a secret. We will all wait impatiently in the dark for her artistic light.


BORCHER is the black feather in the sea of white.





(pictures via Mademoiselle Christina Borcher)