A Holiday Greeting to All My Readers

As the next wave of festivities gallantly commence in the upcoming week, everyone is preoccupied with planning  arrangements, Christmas shopping or holiday decorating. Some, have yet to begin at all. And through it all, the thoughts begin to swirl around each home. The candles for Christmas dinner will be silver, not red this year.  The tree has to be 9 feet tall and a Fraser Fir, not a Norway Spruce. Should more lights be placed on all the pine trees in the front yard? The family coming from afar must reserve their airline tickets…

And in between the hints of stress, it’s hard to hide the excitement of being together with loved ones. Everyone sharing the warmth of a welcoming home, the eclectic + delectable dinner & the laughter of being fortunate. And through those thoughts of joyous merriment, have we forgotten about something? No, Aunt Tilda made it before the snow hit and the turkey didn’t burn…

There will be millions this year without all the comforts that we take for granted; little boys and girls without gifts to unwrap, mothers and fathers without even a piece of bread to share & brothers and sisters who will be trying desperately to keep warm among the tattered and soiled blankets. Although we know that the world can’t be saved within a matter of weeks or days, there’s always the possibility of being able to help and touch someone’s life.

The holidays are not only about receiving, something that has been very well known for the longest time. Being classy isn’t just about eating with Christofle silverware, wearing couture + jetting around on private planes. There’s more to life than the commercialism that consumes us.

I know this post has become long and if you’re reading this sentence, I thank you for being patient.  The next couple of weeks as you’re frantically scrambling around, I ask that you please take a few dollars, euros, pounds, rubles or whatever your currency may be, and make a difference in someone’s life of who is less fortunate. Someone who might not even know what it’s like to have a computer and the internet. Someone who your donated doll or box of cereal means the world to them. There are many local food pantries that are always in need of non-perishable food donations as well as many charitable institutions that are accepting gifts. Below, I have provided a list of several international organizations. There are many other places that could use your assistance…and children who want to feel some kind of holiday like you’ll be celebrating in full force.

I hope the holidays find you with great health + happiness & much success for now and many years to come. And never forget the lives you’ll touch along the way. I send you all many warm wishes.

Lots of love | Giuseppe





Marine Toys for Tots Foundation | www.toysfortots.org (USA)

Centro Italiano Aiuti all’Infanzia | www.ciai.it (Italy)

Foodbank An Australia Without Hunger | www.foodbank.com.au (Australia)

Armee du Salut | www.armeedusalut.fr (France)

Das Hunger Projekt | www.das-hunger-projekt.de (Germany)

Childhood Cancer Foundation | www.choc.org.za (South Africa)

Saint Petersburg Charities | www.russialink.org.uk/charity (Russia)

The Salvation Army | www2.salvationarmy.org.uk (United Kingdom & Ireland)

Shriners Hospitals for Children | www.shrinershq.org (Mexico)