Maison Ventury Paris

If the world was to bless us with a modern-day Cleopatra, she would be the epitome of fashion + design. Her mouth would drip luxury & sensuality, she would have an eye for perfection unlike anyone else. A contemporary goddess, one who would worship black + white. And in her private empire of her apartment, one name would reign- Ventury.

Founded in 2009, Maison Ventury Paris is quickly gaining notoriety among the artistic elite. Called the Couture Line of Furnitures, Ventury reflects French standards of opulence + elegance with a definition of minimal modernism. Inspiration from the poise and glamour of Parisian chic. Under the direction of Mr. Emmanuel Touraine + Mr. Vincent Cadena, the brand displays the gentlemen’s philosophy of offering exclusive concepts of super rare limited edition furniture. Fashionable, it’s a bold approach that rocks tradition.


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(pictures via Maison Ventury Paris)