Royal Copenhagen

As guests will be arriving the next few days for the holiday festivities, being dressed to impress won’t be your only concern. Making sure to be the host that will be talked about even after the party is over, your attention to detail will be imperative; the perfect aromatic ambiance floating through the rooms, the lighting set to an intimate mood + an exquisite table set with the finest china. For the latter, 2 words: Royal Copenhagen.

Founded in Denmark in 1775 under the protection of Queen Juliane Marie, Royal Copenhagen’s operations began in a converted post office with a 50-year monopoly to create porcelain. Centuries later, the company has become a highly distinguished brand, renowned for its exclusive quality porcelain products and its immaculate design. Royal Copenhagen’s pride is exhibited in their signature classic blue + white porcelain, which is made & painted entirely by hand all in the highest standards of craftsmanship.

And as the silverware will clink against your regal dinnerware, smile + hold up your champagne glass to your guests. From Queen Juliane Marie’s table to yours. Cheers. For loved ones & for a job well done.

Royal Copenhagen |



Blue Fluted Full Lace – Tea Pot | $920


Blue Fluted Full Lace – Bowl on High Foot | $1225



The Blue Fluted pattern is also known as Service no. 1. It was the very first pattern to be produced at Royal Copenhagen, and has been in continuous production since our factory was founded in 1775. Originally it only ornamented desert plates, but in 1888 a full set. – Royal Copenhagen



Blue Flower Curved – Round Cake Dish | $325


Blue Flower Curved – Cup + Saucer, Coffee | $135




Blue Fluted Mega – Jug | $250




Blue Fluted Half Lace – Deep Plate | $139

Flora Danica – Sauce Boat | $6142




(pictures via Royal Copenhagen)