Looking Back on 2010

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Midnight. Confetti, champagne + cheering. A new beginning for new things for a new chapter of life. And as 2011 is slowly starting to seep in + take over time, we look back on the year 2010 & all that it brought to us. The year that brought the beginning of fashion + class & jet lag & the immense support from all the wonderful people around the world. Thank you. I hope 2011 fulfills your every single desire, brings great health + happiness, and bathes you in never-ending good fortune. Happy New Year, friends. May 2011 surprise you with only the best.



20 | Grand Hotel Lobbies

“First impressions are the most important. For hotels, it all begins in the lobby. The one room that acts as ambassador for the rest of the hotel, the lobby is the beginning experience for the traveler…”





19 | A Bath with a Breathtaking View

“Imagine a salty breeze colliding with your skin while you stare out into the ocean or an immense, illuminated skyline right before your eyes as you lay back and absorb serenity. It’s possible. Very possible…”




18 | Battlefield

Photographer: Jason Obrotka

Stylist: Nicole Briola

Make up + Hair: Wendy Rorong

Model: Mila @ MC2




17 | Palatial Pools

“The pool has become more than just the place to cool off while absorbing the sun’s rays. It has become part of a hotel’s entity, where travelers go to relax & the scenery inspires, enthralls and engages the senses. Travelers become best friends with their inner selves. Palatial pools have made more than just a name for themselves, they have become their own destination…”




16 | Tom Ford Returns…With Womenswear

“After a six-year hiatus, Mr. Tom Ford is returning to womenswear. However, this time the comeback came differently. It came in a very fashion + class & jet lag way. Somewhat secretive, Mr. Ford pulled back on his phenomenal womenswear collection’s exposure…”





“Established in 2008, BORCHER was created as a fairytale. A fashion story where every detail is sensually done, using the finest fabrics & sewn with talented precision. Where a woman can feel sophisticated, captivate attention + still remain a lady…”




14 | Lanvin Pour H&M is Waiting for You

“Last night while everyone was in celebration at the Pierre Hotel in New York City, watching the runway show of Lanvin pour H&M, fashion + class & jet lag sent an international investigator to snap a few behind-the-scenes pictures of the collection draped on the hangers, the heels perfectly exhibited + the accessories meticulously placed…”



13 | The Art of Minimal + Modern Living

“Home is the reflection of who you are, where your personality is thrown to fill every corner of every room. Sleek finishes + highly defined edges, these are the years of contemporary luxury. A modern heart craving minimal designs…”





12 | Enticing the Extreme

“For the world’s affluent boredom is never an option. The word typical can be spoken, but never exercised. Thankfully for them someone is always trying to tantalize their fascination. Hotels are reaching new heights, some literally, to make sure their guests walk away with an experience that is unrivaled by the masses…”




11 | A Celebration for the House of Houbigant

“And eventually on December 1, 2010, the House of Houbigant voyaged to the luxurious Rose Club at the Plaza Hotel in New York City for a celebration. Festivities for a somewhat new beginning. Introduced in 1882,  Houbigant’s Fougère Royale fragrance defined a new category of perfumes – fougère meaning fern-like…”



10 | Holiday Gift Ideas

“However, every year the hunt for the perfect gift for a friend turns out to be frustrating, confusing & overwhelming. But why is that? With countless boutiques offering online shopping options, sometimes finding what’s right for a certain someone comes easier than fathomed…”



09 | Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

“For inspiration, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld went back into the Byzantine era to revisit with Empress Theodora. Calling her the Coco Chanel of her time, he brought back her imperial likeness to the strong + confident woman of 2011…”






08 | Calvin Klein Collection [Pre-Fall 2011] Carolina Herrera

“In a fashion fury of duchesse satin, silk organza, and wool jacquard, Ms. Carolina Herrera brought elegance to feminism…”







07 | Rooftop Resilience

“And in reality, no one is there for the drinks. It’s all about the view taking over your senses. A martini with a twist of dynamic Dubai skyline is unrivaled. Sangria + tapas in Madrid? Yes, please… and throw in centuries-old, romantic Spanish architecture as well. Original vodka from Russia while sitting in Moscow? Well, that tastes slightly better with Kremlin rocks…”




06 | A Holiday Greeting to All My Readers

“There are many local food pantries that are always in need of non-perishable food donations as well as many charitable institutions that are accepting gifts. Below, I have provided a list of several international organizations. There are many other places that could use your assistance…and children who want to feel some kind of holiday like you’ll be celebrating in full force…”




05 | Maison Ventury Paris

“Founded in 2009, Maison Ventury Paris is quickly gaining notoriety among the artistic elite. Called the Couture Line of Furnitures, Ventury reflects French standards of opulence + elegance with a definition of minimal modernism. Inspiration from the poise and glamour of Parisian chic…”




04 | DEX New York Cosmetics

“The other night in the company of an intimate + exclusive group of business professionals, industry personnel & media insiders, Mr. Dexter Phillip launched his True Beauty campaign…”





03 | ShowBoats International’s #1 | Ferretti Group

“Last week ShowBoats International’s 2011 Global Order Book crowned Italy’s Ferretti Group #1 for being the top producer of luxury yachts over 80 feet worldwide. As of September 1, the company’s prestigious order portfolio includes over 75 superyachts…”



02 | Royal Copenhagen

“Founded in Denmark in 1775 under the protection of Queen Juliane Marie, Royal Copenhagen’s operations began in a converted post office with a 50-year monopoly to create porcelain. Centuries later, the company has become a highly distinguished brand, renowned for its exclusive quality porcelain products and its immaculate design…”




01 | Hester van Eeghen Bags

“In the words of Ms. Hester van Eeghen, “A bag is sacred personal space. It’s held against one’s body.” Regarded as one of the most influential Dutch designers of the century, Ms. van Eeghen has gained international recognition for her fresh, colorful designs of handheld surprises…”






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