An Espresso at Vogue Cafe

If you were a matriarch of fashion, someone ala Ms. Anna Wintour, where would you sit in for your morning cappuccino? Where would you celebrate a glitzy evening night out with your fashion friends or choose as the perfect spot to be seen at?

Located steps away from the Red Square + classy Bolshoi Theatre, the chic café has become one of Moscow’s most renown hot spots. Vogue publisher Condé Nast paired with Russian restaurateur Mr. Arkady Novikov to create the fashionable java sanctuary of elegant interiors & rows of shelves filled with Condé Nast magazines.  High ceilings stretch toward the heavens + photography from the archives of British & Russian Vogue accessorize the walls. The staff is attractive.

In keeping with the Muscovites’ insatiable hunger for luxury + haute couture, the café is where the elite mingle with wannabe models. Being beautiful is almost a must. Serving classic & contemporary European dishes, lattes in the afternoon + vodka-rich cocktails in the evening, Vogue Cafe infuses sophistication with perfection. Premier.

Condé Nast is to open branded restaurants around the world such as Vogue + GQ. The new business, Condé Nast Restaurants, will be based in Hong Kong & headed up by Mr. Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Condé Nast International. Mr. Newhouse said Condé Nast will target markets around the globe, specifically in Dubai, Turkey, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, Korea & Uruguay with the hope of partnering with highly reputed restaurant operators in these markets. To date Condé Nast already has opened 3 locations – Vogue Cafe, GQ Bar + Tatler Club – which have been licensed to Mr. Arkady Novikov & are located in Moscow.

(pictures via Mediaweek, Stephen_AU)