Evian Water Gone Haute Couture

In the world of business, it’s called a strategic alliance. In marketing, it’s called branding. Brand marriages have become increasingly popular as companies tap into their partner’s market reserves. John Galliano partnered with the macaroon mecca, Laduree. Then there was Jimmy Choo for H&M. And most recently, water empire Evian’s union with fashion designer Issey Miyake to create a limited edition water bottle.

Having done it for the past 3 years, Evian works with a fashion designer to release an original & creative concept to celebrate the end of the year. Starting in 2007 with Christian Lacroix, 2010 belonged to Issey Miyake.

The press release stated that the 2 companies “designed a pure bottle, blooming with both optimism and freshness. Sprung from Pleats Please, the famous pleating of the designer, an imaginary shimmering flower decorates the most essential source of life, symbol of youth, the natural mineral water Evian. Thanks to this new pattern, Evian and ISSEY MIYAKE turn your end of the year tables into a field of flowers, full of poetry and humor.” Besides, everyone knows that water infused with fashion, always tastes better.



Issey Miyake | 2010




Christian Lacroix Collection | 2007




Haute Couture





Jean Paul Gaultier Collection | 2008



Haute Couture Collection made by Baccarat


Drops Bottle



Tray Bottle


Spring Bottle


Reflection Bottle


Bubbles Bottle




Paul Smith | 2009







(pictures via Evian)