A PM in Paris…

Never forget that even alone, you are powerful



Learn to enjoy the silence. You are beautiful, you are the most important thing to yourself



Open your heart + allow yourself to love. Life without love is like a canary without its song



Never be afraid to change or else you will have failed the purpose of life



Stand with confidence. Magnetic + intriguing, you will attract attention



Drive with caution. Even illuminated paths are not always the safest



Learn to look through the clouds. Although things might seem blurry, the truth is still evident



Look up. Answers + inspiration come from every angle



Keep looking forward. The past is not coming back



Make that inner light shine through. Touch someone’s life, change the world



Learn to accept beauty in your life. It’s a guarantee to happiness



Never forget your ‘me’ time throughout the day. Every day lost is a day that becomes a memory



Whenever you see reflections of yourself, it’s to remind you how beautiful you are internally



Align yourself with the right people…



…or stand alone. That is perfectly fine as well



Age + race & nationality have no difference. We all have the same mental + spiritual strength



Break free from the chains of conventionalism + monotony



Struggles should never feel like imprisonment- instead, they are important lessons. Never lose your color



The world around you might be chaotic, but it does not matter. Keep both feet on the ground + your mind clear



There will be a time when you will bleed- ideas, wants & preferences will change along the way



You will always reach forks in the road. Do not despair. Deciding on the unknown is inspirational



You are grand



Be a leader. Surround yourself with good people & you will shine



Think contemporary, but stay classy. Refinement is golden



Run freely without stopping + keep your dreams uninhibited



Live minimally, but think intricately



Learn to take a step back + look at the bigger picture. It will change life forever






(pictures and quotes via fashion + class & jet lag. permission must be ask for any reproduction)