|[ Maison Moschino ]| Milan

Dominated by Via Montenapoleone like Paris is by Avenue Montaigne, Milan is known to be one of the fashion capitals of the world. A city that is a master creator of design + beauty, it is home to many contemporary lifestyle names + legendary fashion houses. And for the Milanese, sophistication is a part of their every day routine that comes as easily as their burgundy passports.

Last year at Viale Monte Grappa 12, Moschino decided to convert the former 1840 neoclassical train station that once operated the Milan-Monza route into quite a trendy hotel — an artistic mecca of 65 contemporary rooms + junior suites. Dubbed as Maison Moschino, the massive project was supervised by Creative Director Rossella Jardini in cooperation with Jo Ann Tan. Staying as true as possible to late Franco Moschino’s vision, the hotel’s interior is eccentric & surreal. Where the unexpected is expected. Evidence that a legacy has transferred from clothes hangers to an entire breathtaking, classy edifice.

Something ala fairytale, your room allows you to sleep in a dream with your eyes wide open. A hard concept to grasp, nothing is confusing when stepping into your quarters. All the words of explanation suddenly make sense. With room names such Little Red Riding Hood, Half a Room, and Zzzzzzz, you suddenly wonder what it’s like to be exposed to the world of Moschino. Unconventional in many ways, lie in bed at night + cover yourself in a blanket of red rose petals. Have your morning coffee on an inflated teacup table. Or if you’re up to it, you can have a rendezvous in the forest. Buonanotte! | Giuseppe


|pictures via Maison Moschino|