Cap Estel Hotel | Côte d’Azur

Côte d’Azur. A stretch of land that borders the Mediterranean Sea & that rules the south of France, it is home to Saint Tropez, Monaco & Nice to name a few. Starting as the playground for wealthy European aristocrats, the French Riviera continues to attract all those who are not strangers to a refined lifestyle. With 300 days a year of sunshine, aquamarine swimming waters & as a magnet to the world’s superyachts, the sanctuary of natural resilience is the place to visit for the warmer months of summer.

On a private peninsula between Nice + Monte Carlo, gently guarded by the Mediterranean Sea & away from prying eyes, sits Cap Estel. Like a petite castle isolated from reality, the hotel basks in the French Riviera’s sun on almost 5 acres of lush landscape. A cocoon of serenity & relaxation. Encompassing 14 suites + 4 guestrooms of glamour, it’s perfection for celebrities & those who search for quietness & inspiration.

The hotel allows for you to connect with the sea, the sky, your soul. On a quest to find inner peace, treat yourself to sessions at the spa. Or have glasses of wine on the terrace with friends, while laughing and watching the sun set on one of the world’s most beautiful hideaways. Hold someone’s hand & take a walk through the breathtaking gardens. Perhaps money can’t buy happiness, but sometimes, it might give you a piece of heaven on Earth.


(pictures via Cap Estel Hotel)