George Zaharoff Menswear

Every morning when you leave home to face the scrutinizing eye of the public, looking your best should always be a priority. Not to please anyone, but to give respect to yourself as well as those around you. Image is everything, and for gentlemen, having the proper menswear is vital. A suit conveys a sense of refinement. It exudes professionalism & sexiness. Power…

And for someone who has built his brand around suits, designer George Zaharoff knows the precision of masculinity + sophistication. Believing in impeccable craftsmanship & classy cuts, there’s a sense of love that pours from his eyes & onto his collections. A passion that is infectious. And a discussion about his pieces never goes without a mention about the fabrics.

A son of a costume designer who created clothes for iconic TV shows such as Dynasty, Dallas & General Hospital, George grew up playing with seas of colorful, eclectic textiles. Decades later, the Zaharoff brand is suits, sport jackets, shirts, accessories & outerwear and all about fabrics. From silk & wool blends to bouclé, it’s not just about the garments’ visuals, it’s also about the feel. George wants you to look beautiful, but also experience it. A brand that is about fine tailoring & quality.

But the Zaharoff brand is not just about the composition of a collection. There’s something that runs deeper than the fine-stitching + decadent Italian cashmere. It’s a fashion label to the public, but a dream to the designer. A dream that has come like a run through a battlefield- of business grenades + emotional machine guns. But George the gentleman that he is, is very open about it, which is something to be humbled about. It adds to the substance of his brand.

And he’s always an advocate about following dreams, to never giving up, and being prepared for the hardships coming. Mr. Zaharoff is inspirational. Recently landing the fashion credits for television shows Entertainment Tonight & The Insider, George is excited about expanding his women’s line & working on other projects. The list is long.

…And as you fasten the top button of your suit jacket + give one last glance in the mirror, spray on a little confidence. The world is in your hands.

(pictures via George Zaharoff)