Max Kibardin Shoes

Knobs, pushfits, S-cuts. Jigsaw puzzles were the childhood past-time that entertained our curiosity + somehow were to be one of the building blocks to our adulthood virtue of patience. As adults for the most part, as they were forgotten, puzzles turned from tangibles to intangibles; pairing emotions with relationships to reading synchronicity with others. But in one part of our daily routine, we haven’t fully tucked away that childhood fun. We still connect colors + pair up patterns. Elegance with sophistication & artistic to wild, fashion is our jigsaw puzzle. We are a different type of dissectologist now. And shoes, like C-cuts, are one of the last pieces slipped into place in order to complete our public picture.

In the ready-to-wear cocoon of Milan, Italy, Max Kibardin creates these prized pieces for our very own visuals. Born in Russia, he completed his architectural studies in Moscow & fashion education at Instituto Marangoni in Milan. Possessing a taste for exaggeration & decoration, Max’s work of rigorous architectural composition contenxtualizes his versatile vision. A beautiful, balanced blend of dramatic & gentle. Launched in 2005 + describing the spirit of his footwear as timeless luxury, he has acquired notoriety with his personal concepts as well as with his collaborations with international luxury brands & artists. He takes months to design + uses materials such as ostrich, crocodile & rich suede. Whether it’s the lady who wants a touch of edge or the bon viveur gentleman, these fashion puzzle pieces are the ones who silently state, “Fashion connaisseur.”

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