Entourage Perfection via Hartmann

Ticket reservations? Check.

Proper attire? Check.

Passport? Check.

Luggage? Hartmann.

Traveling has always been one of the best teachers life could ever give us. It exposes us to fashion + culture, stretches the mind & stimulates curiosity. And for anyone who is in constant travel mode, whether it is for business or pleasure, having the proper accessories is vital, especially for image & social presence.

And for many of these world conquerors, who consume frequent flyer miles at an astounding rate, their luggage needs to be more than just durable or a protector of their personal goods. It needs to be a sidekick warrior. And Hartmann knows superior craftsmanship when it comes to luggage & leather.

In 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Bavarian trunk maker Joseph Hartmann established a company that would become a leader in the travel goods industry. From First Lady Cleveland’s honeymoon wardrobe trunk to WWII Navy Seapacks to today’s noble world traveler, Hartmann has always been the symbol of handcrafted quality luggage & leather accessories. For more than a 130 years, they have molded themselves with the diverse and ever-changing travel industry.

When ocean liners carried passengers across oceans, Hartmann accompanied the passengers with their elegant trunks. When railway travel became prominent, Hartmann designed easier carrying luggage to make sure personal belongings went as long as well. And when jetliners took to the skies + became the thing to do for the affluent & glamorous, the brand created compact, fashionable suitcases to match the next transformation. Always present, always innovative, Hartmann is the shadow of the verb travel. Powerful. Iconic.

Joseph Hartmann had a vision to build “luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence.” The brand has done more than this. It has become historic. And as you step into the next airport to go off to explore another part of the world, you should be accompanied by the proper entourage. One that respects American heritage + practical functionality.Your Hartmann luggage.



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Wrinkles are not welcome.

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Happy Traveling.


pieces of Hartmann excellence for whenever you’re

crossing oceans,

traversing landscapes,

or flying through clouds

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