Designer Bubbles by Francis Kurkdjian

There is something about a child’s innocence that has a way of captivating; their loud giggling, the way they lick ice cream cones or their sharp curiosity. Inquisitive by nature, it is often hard to resist their fun, carefree spirit & abundant energy. They are a symbol of fresh happiness. And blowing bubbles is a rite of passage it seems for this particular phase of life. These floating spheres filled with air are simple pleasures, a gentle game of creation & destruction.

Leave it to the experts to brand them with a little extra touch. In Paris, renown perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (above) created a collection of scented bubbles called Les Bulles d’Agathe. His version of Fragrance 101 for children, he believes it’s one of the best introductions to the world of perfumes. The creative force behind Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Mâle & Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her, Mr. Kurkdjian knows a thing or two about beautiful scents. And now, designer bubbles. Chic. Like notes of music floating in the air, these notes of pear & cold mint rise above only to explode & release their olfactory melodies. An invisible veil of beauty, a guarantee for a smile.

                        cut grass                              cold mint                                  pear                                       violet

|pictures via Maison Kurkdjian|