Elettra Wiedemann Welcomes You to ‘Goodness’

She has stomped down international runways & appeared in editorials. She’s on the invitation roster at coveted events & some of her friends are celebrated figures. Her grandmother was Ingrid Bergman, her mother is Isabella Rossellini. But there’s more to model Elettra Wiedemann than the world of fashion + fame. Taking inspiration from the life she’s lived, this ambitious New York City young lady introduced a new concept this year to New York Fashion Week: a pop-up restaurant.

It is often heard of that pop-up stores appear from time to time in a metropolis, but taking the idea and applying it to a restaurant is the first of its kind. Naming her restaurant “Goodness,” Elettra partnered up with restaurateur/Michelin star chef Ed Brown & Fashion Week’s exclusive magazine The Daily. Having taken over what is normally Ed’s Chowder House, directly across the Lincoln Center, Goodness was open from September 11-14 from 7 AM to 3 PM.


The idea behind Goodness was to create a nearby escape from all of the craziness of Fashion Week + the fashion tents, where health-conscious models, designers & industry insiders could be provided with fast, fresh & healthy cuisine. The dishes were locally-sourced, healthy & prepared by New York City’s most experienced chefs. Buon Appetito!

When asked what had inspired her to create Goodness, she charismatically explained, “One of my memories of working at any Fashion Week is that after the third day of shows and long days, I was tired of just eating pretzels and drinking water backstage. I craved flavors. I knew there were many options in eating nutritional, low-caloric food, but the only problem was that it wasn’t available.”

Goodness will also make an appearance at future Milan, Paris & London Fashion Weeks, each with its city’s own respective culinary experts. So whether you have a break in between the Lanvin + Valentino shows or the Armani & Ferragamo Milan mayhem, visit Goodness before it leaves.

Champagne + chocolate diet, move over. Elettra Wiedemann has arrived.

|pictures via Abe Shaw|