Best Fashion Friend – The Stylish Friend Everyone Wants


What to wear to work today…?” Confusion.

High heels or flats to the party?” Indecisiveness.

Does this look too tight on me?” Nervousness.

I can wear a striped tie with a plaid shirt…Right?” Uncertainty.

My neckline plunges too low.” Bad decision-making.




These are the common daily dilemmas that cross people’s thoughts more often than not as everyone rushes to fulfill their routine requirements. And in today’s society, where fashion has become the outer definition of a person’s inner spirit like words in a dictionary, wardrobe perfection is a definite must. From work to social events to celebrations, a single mismatching color can become the nagging worry harbored in the back of the mind. Coupled by a shortage of omnipresent advice, a wardrobe sin can become hard to avoid. However, never fear, your friend is here. Your Best Fashion Friend. Thanks to technology, you can have 24/7 advice from the friend in your pocket or purse, wherever in the world you may be.




With the newly launched BFF smartphone app, you are only a few taps away from receiving the fashion answers you need via your private network of stylish friends. Facebook meets Vogue. Snap pictures of your wardrobe pieces, create looks on a digital mirror & then share with others on your network for instant advice. Inspired by the growing interest for street style + society’s expectation for instant gratification, BFF is the perfect tool to have for all those little moments of wardrobe confusion, indecisiveness, nervousness, uncertainty & bad decision-making… And it’s free of charge, available on iTunes & the Android Market. After all, you should never have to pay for friendship.