Seeing Red

{Red}: fiery heat + warmth. Passion, lust. Red is Cupid.

Café musing, lost in thought. Watching untouched snow laying quietly on outside tables, the scent of espresso mixed with cinnamon + orange lingers. A flash of crimson passes by, imagining an Italian sports car escaping into the sun. Listening to the subtle tap of gold rings against a now tepid cup of cappuccino, studying the contrast of her red lipstick stain on porcelain.

A gentleman walks in, a rush of cold air follows. Observing a hint of burgundy beneath his overcoat, such the compliment to her exotic-dyed stilettos. He smiles, she smiles. Their day is made. Red. The cure for winter {blues} | Trasi Kromer

Cire Trudon Nazareth | clove, cinnamon + orange candle – $80

Gurhan Disc Ring | 24 carat + Carnelian – $2,280

La Prairie FLAMME | cellular luxe lip colour – $55

Burberry London Tie | flecked knit silk – $195

Casadei Python | 100mm open toe – $610

La Cafetière Coffee Press | stainless steel  – $15

Ferrari 458 Italia | 562 horsepower, 0 to 62 in 3.4 seconds – $278,000

|pictures via perspective brand|