Editor of fashion + class & jet lag Launches Novel ‘Cielo’ Online

When it comes to writing, it is often said that one’s own life is a great source of inspiration… this is true, yes, but so are the people around you that you choose to listen to. I’ve spent the last couple of years watching, listening & experiencing. And from this mental portfolio of stories & ideas, I tweaked, twisted & added all of these sentences to mold a novel: Cielo. I realized that there is more to the world than what we see and for this, I thank all of you who have inspired me along the way to make this happen. This one is for you. | Giuseppe

It takes one decision, one moment in life to change everything forever. Is it destiny or coincidence?

Neglected and sexually abused, Katherine Brenner knows nothing else, but her tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend Gary Hodgekins. A prisoner to fear and vulnerability, she turns to the internet to find some form of solace. What at first seems random, her meeting with Cristian Toro, an Argentine whose life is just as complex, turns out be more than just coincidence. Giving her the nickname Cielo, Spanish for sky, Cristian interprets her as warm, open, and with the vast potential of becoming someone phenomenal.

Realizing that she is wrapped up in a completely different world, suddenly dealing with the Spanish language, Katherine tries to discover a plausible excuse to liberate herself from the intangible, mental chains keeping her in Kansas. Reconnecting with her estranged sister Amy, Katherine continuously wades through unexpected twists from her relationship at home and her new friendship in South America. Finally listening to her conscious and boarding a plane to Buenos Aires, Katherine finds herself fighting a battle with her heart and a dangerous maniac.

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Marielle There are few books that pull me in from the first chapter, let alone the first paragraph. “Cielo” is a book that had me right from the beginning. I was completely intrigued in seeing where these two stories would be going and was fascinated on how they unraveled into a larger picture.

Sometimes, I avoid books with physical abuse, but as I read more of this book I realized it was only one aspect to the story line. I found myself becoming emotionally connected to Katherine and Cristian. I cried for them, rooted for them, and by the end I just wanted love, happiness and inner peace to come their way. Giuseppe Longo has delivered a very impressive and unpredictable story. The twists and turns were written beautifully and I truly hope that there is more to come from this author.

AlexanderSpent my morning reading the preview, was immediately drawn into the story. Thank goodness for the kindle cloud reader, I can continue to read it at lunch before going home to read the rest on my kindle. Giuseppe Longo is a great storyteller in that not only are you totally engrossed in the environment but also you feel real empathy for the characters. Cheers on a job very well done.

G. ZaharoffA friend recommended this book knowing I love to read obscure authors. I travel a great deal and spend my time reading on long 10-14 hour flights. From the very beginning, from the very first few pages of the first chapter, I felt as if I was right there, starting with four simple words, “the wind gently blowing…”

Some parts I had highlighted on my Kindle that I thought were brilliantly written. Soap opera writing should only be this good (not that I can say I’ve had the time to watch them). I found the language to be rich and surprisingly colourful, “They shuffled down the stairs, Spanish chatter bounced uncontrollably from every part of the staircase room…” Just that little tiny sentence from the book easily places me me in the story as if I was experiencing it with the characters. What I found remarkable, being one who reads a couple chapters of a book, sets it aside, and picks it up again after a week or two later, was how effortlessly I was able to fall right back into my place.

There are twists and turns I never expected and found myself a few times wondering, “how did the author think of that?!” Many characters come and go and it seemed to me like “Cielo” was a bunch of stories interwoven together to form one big story; personally, I loved it. I can’t compare this to anything I’ve read before. In all, hats off to the author, I am impressed. I hope there’s more to come.

Daniela SozzaniI loved it! The plot was well thought out, keeping me in suspense throughout the entire novel. There is a range of emotions that is quite moving- from sadness to anger to happiness and more. This is for the adventurous and for someone who’s looking for inspiration. I highly recommend it.

G | Cielo is a ‘must read’ novel. You will instantly become attached to the characters as if you know them personally. This story will make you examine the hurts in your life that you haven’t let go of and be grateful for the struggles you have overcome. I look forward to reading more of Giuseppe’s work in the future.

AmandaCielo was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. As a 3-4 books a week reader, you name the author and I’ve probably read at least one of their books. This book was my first from this author and let me tell you, I cannot wait to see more come from him. I think he’s destined to rival the top names we see on the New York Bestseller’s List and would deserve every moment there!

This book was amazing from beginning to end. At first I thought, “Ok, I know how this is going to end…” Then about halfway through it was curve ball after curve ball and I literally could not put this book down for anything. The story and people felt so real that each emotion running through the characters ran through me at the same time. From hopefulness and excitement to sorrow and desperation this book had me hooked from the first paragraph and did not disappoint.

Bravo to the author for such a great story. Hopefully many more to come.