The Little Book of Schiaparelli

The Little Book of Schiaparelli

by | Emma Baxter-Wright

Let’s talk “Schaip!”

Don’t judge this book by its diminutive size. The Little Book of Schiaparelli is full of informative and fun facts about one of the greatest and most influential 20th century designers.

With the 2012 exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, there is a renewed interest in the designer and her creations, and so the timing of this “little book” is propitious, to say the least.

Ms. Baxter-Wright takes us through the world of this most influential of designers without going through the excruciating details of every minute of this famed designer’s life. The laser focus of the book is almost totally aimed at the body of work, with very little attention paid to the Schiaparelli’s personal life. In doing so, the book becomes quite different from most biographies, as here we are given detailed and specific insight into the body and the breadth of the designer’s career and not so much about her husbands, love affairs, or the trials and tribulations of wartime… continue | Jeffrey Felner

|pictures via Carlton Publishing Group, Ana Montiel |