Chasing Summer with Orsos Island

Sand, surf & sunshine. Tropical paradises. These are all the elements of an expected summer. And when it comes to the art of achieving the perfect tan, jetsetters are the experts. After all, island-hopping is designed to chase the sun around the globe. And with Austrian Gábor Orsós’ recently launched Orsos Island yacht, there are no reasons to want to travel from one oasis to another- you can just steal their pristine waters.

At about 66 feet wide (20 meters) and 121 feet high (37 meters), the spacious layout allows for up to 3,300 square feet (1,000 square meters) of living space. The yacht can comfortably accommodate 12 residents, but can also be designed to hold up to 80 people. Three floors of magnificence. From a large Jacuzzi to a barbecue area to an underwater entertainment room, no amenity is spared. You’re even entitled to a palm tree or two. And although your private island won’t show up on a map, you have the freedom to follow summer wherever it goes. Only requirement: crystal-clear waters, please. | Giuseppe

|pictures via Orsos Island GmbH.|