Runway Spotlight: Jill Stuart

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | New York City

Jill Stuart

Spotlighting a favorite from SpringSummer 2013:


Known for her signature style of femininity, Jill Stuart’s latest collection is a celebration for les madames. Encompassing all things lady- grace, daintiness & refinement- the pieces are an array of emotions. Serious, playful or reserved. Elegance appears in free-flowing gowns, power in fitted jackets & pants, sensuality in transparent shirts & dresses.

Plunging necklines strike low. This is for the provocative, but also the confident. Besides several pieces, the collection is mostly fitted or with belted waistlines. The spotlight is aimed at accentuating what defines a modern-day lady. Bows sprout as accents from various areas, including the waistline & around the neck. In all, according to the designer, Spring|Summer 2013 will be one word- bella. | Giuseppe



picture via Thomas Iannaccone