Runway Spotlight: Angel Sanchez

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | New York City

Angel Sanchez

Spotlighting a favorite from SpringSummer 2013:


A subtle ode to geometry, Angel Sanchez’s collection for Spring|Summer 2013 is impeccably done. Having enough character to classify it as innovative, the pieces also fit well under the category of minimalism. Futuristic.

Pairing up with renown Venezuelan artist Rafael Barrios, Mr. Sanchez adorned his collection with shapely brooches, which are miniature versions of the artist’s gigantic stainless steel artwork that invaded New York City earlier in the year. The triangular & rectangular cut-outs that seem like scissors taken to paper are done with precision. The color palette is mostly soft & soothing to the eyes.

There is not much to be said. Words are not needed for the collection to be admired. It’s a true form of art, it speaks for itself. And for once, that is quite refreshing. | Giuseppe



picture via Dan Lecca