Runway Spotlight: Etro

Canon Fashion Week | Milan


Spotlighting a favorite from SpringSummer 2013:


Long before Etro was a fashion brand, it was well-known for its madder prints and its paisley challis and true to its roots, Etro, the fashion brand, remains loyal to these roots albeit in a less literal way. The house is still all about prints and each season, one of the Etros continues to demonstrate why there is an Etro.

Veronica Etro plies a deft hand with the prints and has created an Etro look for women who are both sophisticated and chic. Don’t think that this applies to the more conventional definition of those terms. Etro is an acquired taste with a stylish Bohemian slant that can be as off-putting as it can be appealing, depending on the breadth of your “style quotient.”

With all this being said, for Spring Ms. Etro has certainly kept her preferences clear and on point. For the most part, it is, yes, all about prints but these are prints for the season, which are bright, not so classic, but always about the heritage of Etro. These are not the classic madders or paisleys nor are they the challis or crepe de chine we might recall from times gone by; these are in-your-face prints that further the reputation of the brand as a leader in fashion and prints.

For spring, the background color of choice is white which plays off all the stark contrasts of brights and black. The shapes are easy and look like one wants to jump into them and be comfortable for any occasion, but note the Japanese influence evident with the kimono sleeves and wraps. Actually, the shapes are what one would expect for this time of year, yet what did surprise me was the inclusion of the sequin pieces which remain young in spirit yet somewhat out of place with all of the prints. On the flip side, they’re some rather wonderful solid color styles that really complement the collection. No matter, as I would much rather see a beautiful collection like this that requires no explanation… these are beautiful clothes! | Jeffrey Felner


picture via Giovanni Giannoni