Runway Spotlight: Givenchy

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Spotlighting a favorite from SpringSummer 2013:


So, if one was looking for a religious experience, one might have had it at Givenchy. Cases in point are here at Givenchy and then at Balenciaga, where both Tisci and Ghesquière produced romantically infused collections as well as far more wearable and uber feminine. I am hoping that collections such as these signal a shift away from the shock value of past collections and are now heralding a new phase for these fabled brands.

As Mr. Tisci seems to be constantly battling with his Catholic upbringing, he might have finally found some resolve by sending out the latest incarnations of the fashion nuns in their new chic mostly black habits and vestments. Quel surprise! His newly found fabrications offer this somewhat ethereal tone to the collection as well as the introduction of ruffles, which were also newly arrived to the Balenciaga and Gucci collections for this season. Oddly enough there are pieces that can be directly connected within these 3 collections, which is not to say that Tisci and Ghesquière didn’t push the envelope the furthest while Gucci was just an example of the ultra-feminine attitude for this season. Tisci’s tailoring and dressmaking skills hold up against the best of them!

Part of what elicits my enthusiasm is the knowledge that this designer is capable of turning out a collection that is chic and refined and feminine while remaining modern and “a la mode!” Alexander McQueen was quoted as saying, “First you have to know the rules before you can break them.” Well, now I know that Riccardo Tisci can do more than plaster Rottweilers and tigers on T-shirts and peddle them to the rappers and it is with this knowledge that he has made it known that he can take the DNA of the fabled brand and indeed bring it into the 21st century. Mon dieu!

Sometimes you just have to be able to hang around long enough to see what you thought would never happen! | Jeffrey Felner





picture via Giovanni Giannoni