Runway Spotlight: Elie Saab

Paris Fashion Week | Paris

Elie Saab

Spotlighting a favorite from SpringSummer 2013:


Elie Saab has been tinkering with his day wear for a few seasons now and I have to say that practice makes perfect; well not perfect but it is a real good facsimile thereof. Mr. Saab certainly broke rank this season and presented a minimum of black, which was pervasive in the Paris collections and in the same breath he provided a huge dose of color- something that had been severely missing in the last 5 days. One more thing he managed to do is show beautifully made wearable and not boring clothes.

The silhouette that made Mr. Saab a red carpet name is lean and certainly sexy yet not as overt as he has been known to do. He has perfected his look to the point of sexy and not the over the top concept of sexy, but when he wants sexy, he can provide it without dressing a woman like she is on her break… you get the idea! The lace is worked with deft hand as is the beading and there are more than a couple of very sexy, what might be termed as day dresses… another shortage this season. Even the pant and blouse and suit looks exude a sensuous aura about them.

That said, a big Merci! is due to Mr. Saab for ending a very long and erratic month on a high note rather than some blah blah blah collection. One hopes that the next season will begin as this one has ended… with great élan and style. | Jeffrey Felner



picture via Giovanni Giannoni