Kenneth Salon: A Piece From New York City’s Glamorous Days


If life should ever take you to NYC, step into the renown Waldorf=Astoria. Silently & sophisticatedly trek through the grand, marble-infused reception room & the historic Art Deco lobby. There, semi-hidden & nestled in the corner of the hotel, stands a clear, glass door. Incomparable to what awaits on the other side of the handle, the simple entrance eventually leads to a beauty jewel box called the Kenneth Salon.

The walls are the color of salmon, the various ceilings all in blue & hand-painted garden scenes blossom throughout. With an air of glamour & Old New York, it’s the pampering playground of the world’s most powerful government officials, socialites, celebrities & Fortune 500 executives to name a few. Not quite fully hush-hush, the salon still remains as their best kept secret; a secluded & colorful oasis where the jewels are polished & sent along their way to shine… continue.