Holiday Gift List: ‘Emilio Cavallini Magnificent Obsession’ Book


Emilio Cavallini Fashion Class and Jet Lag


Emilio Cavallini: Magnificent Obsession edited by Benedetta Barzini 


Every year, the thought of gift giving can become quite the daunting task. The most frequently asked question: Will they like this? Rest assured, we’ve found several gift-giving ideas that will leave you as the discerning connoisseur & your loved ones happy. On our fashion + class & jet lag gift list: Emilio Cavallini Magnificent Obsession edited by Benedetta Barzini.

For anyone who has comprehensive knowledge of the fashion industry or an appreciation for art & class, Emilio Cavallini: Magnificent Obsession is one of the best additions to any library collection. The book reflects on the career, passion & creativity of revered Italian hosiery designer Emilio Cavallini.

Jeffrey Felner, Reviewer for Fashion & Style- New York Journal of Books, stated about the volume, “The book is an unbelievable paean to this fashion accessory that was raised to the level of an art form via Mr. Cavallini’s talents and manufacturing abilities and facilities. He took it upon himself to elevate the manufacture and design of hosiery and raise it to so much more than a weaving or knitting process.” Buy it at Emilio Cavallini. | Giuseppe