Holiday Gift List: Birchbox

Birchbox    Every year, the thought of gift giving can become quite the daunting task. The most frequently asked question: Will they like this? Rest assured, we’ve found several gift-giving ideas that will… Continue reading

Wendy Yue Jewelry

  Wearing a divine work of art dripping from one’s ears or gracing a ring finger is simply indulgent and necessary at times. Wendy Yue makes the dream come true with her intricate… Continue reading

Villa Venecia: A Mediterranean Oasis

    The land of tapas & sangria, bullfights & Balenciaga has always possessed a certain charm, something of a temptation. Charismatic, Spain has always seemed to be the sultrier sister of the… Continue reading

Kenneth Salon: A Piece From New York City’s Glamorous Days

  If life should ever take you to NYC, step into the renown Waldorf=Astoria. Silently & sophisticatedly trek through the grand, marble-infused reception room & the historic Art Deco lobby. There, semi-hidden &… Continue reading

Mustique: The Unspoken Caribbean Island

  Aruba, Cyprus, Fiji… Island options seem endless. And as many around the world are planning on which parcel of land to retreat to for a few days of tanning, trying to avoid… Continue reading

From The Atelier of Rodrigo Otazu: Istanbul

A personal note to FC&JL from jewelry designer Rodrigo Otazu on his LRCO luxury collection:   “As a designer, I see things from a very particular point of view. Istanbul stole my heart: the lights, the… Continue reading

Bally Launches Interactive Shopping

Bowling Piaff Handbag   As lovers of quality and craftsmanship, we look for brands that will cater to our every desire. Bally for over 160 years has been creating sophisticated luxury goods and… Continue reading

Pasotti Umbrellas: Welcoming Rainy Days

  As the rainy, wet weeks roll in, NYC becomes a parade of nations, languages & umbrellas. I remember once during an unexpected downpour, impatiently waving my hand in front of Barneys for… Continue reading

Boots To Be Marching In This Season

Belstaff | Barton   With the colder days slowly approaching, there are key things a lady must do in order to prepare for the transitioning of the seasons. The first thing is to… Continue reading

Winterize: The Way To Keep Warm This Winter

Jil Sander | Wool Coat   In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that the weather has taken its proper turn towards fall. The days are mild, the humidity is low and the… Continue reading