Maison Ventury Paris

If the world was to bless us with a modern-day Cleopatra, she would be the epitome of fashion + design. Her mouth would drip luxury & sensuality, she would have an eye for… Continue reading

A Holiday Greeting to All My Readers

As the next wave of festivities gallantly commence in the upcoming week, everyone is preoccupied with planning¬† arrangements, Christmas shopping or holiday decorating. Some, have yet to begin at all. And through it… Continue reading

Rooftop Resilience

Stepping into a hotel’s elevator, the doors close in front of you. Immediately you’re being whisked to a top floor, however, this time it’s not to a room. It’s for an experience that… Continue reading

Calvin Klein Collection [Pre-Fall 2011] Carolina Herrera

  Mr. Francisco Costa kept to the minimal design + muted approach from his Spring 2011 collection. With colors of black + white & gray, he transitioned his vision from spring to fall… Continue reading

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Earlier today in Paris, wisps of history entwined with modernism escaped at the Chanel boutique on Rue Cambon. A glimpse of French Pre-Fall 2011 fashion. For inspiration, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld went back into… Continue reading

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here + so is gift giving. However, every year the hunt for the perfect gift for a friend turns out to be frustrating, confusing & overwhelming. But why is that?… Continue reading

A Celebration for the House of Houbigant

  “It all began with just a basket of flowers in 1775…” And for the following centuries of history, the House of Houbigant made continuous groundbreaking discoveries in the formulation of perfumes that… Continue reading

Enticing the Extreme

For the world’s affluent boredom is never an option. The word typical can be spoken, but never exercised. Thankfully for them someone is always trying to tantalize their fascination. Hotels are reaching new… Continue reading


Dark. Enigmatic. Elegant. Paralleling her designs of mystery + intrigue, Mademoiselle Borcher flows somewhere in the streets of Denmark. Like buried fashion treasure, her clothes are rich in minimal beauty somewhat waiting to… Continue reading

Tom Ford Returns…With Womenswear

After a six-year hiatus, Mr. Tom Ford is returning to womenswear. However, this time the comeback came differently. It came in a very fashion + class & jet lag way. Somewhat secretive, Mr.… Continue reading