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Holiday Gift List: ‘Emilio Cavallini Magnificent Obsession’ Book

    Emilio Cavallini: Magnificent Obsession edited by Benedetta Barzini    Every year, the thought of gift giving can become quite the daunting task. The most frequently asked question: Will they like this? Rest assured, we’ve… Continue reading

Editor of fashion + class & jet lag Launches Novel ‘Cielo’ Online

When it comes to writing, it is often said that one’s own life is a great source of inspiration… this is true, yes, but so are the people around you that you choose… Continue reading

The Allure of Chanel

The Allure of Chanel by | Paul Morand Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a weekend with Coco Chanel? Just the two of you engaged in an extended… Continue reading